• Program


    China is once again a major force in the world. Beyond the scope of conventional area studies, the innovative interdisciplinary major in Global China Studies allows students to cultivate critical skills and up-to-date knowledge about China. 

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  • Curriculum


    The Global China Studies program at NYU Shanghai provides students with an intellectual foundation in Chinese history, language and society. 

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  • Faculty


    The program features faculty focused on China's global economic, social, and political conditions 

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  • News

    Guangzhou Trading

    On Thursday, award-winning anthropologist Gordon Mathews introduced an NYU Shanghai audience to the challenges of ethnic integration for foreign traders, mostly Africans and Arabs, in South China’s Guangzhou, which he coined as a growing center of “low-end globalization.”

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  • Stories

    Elisabeth Fisher, '18

    Global China Studies has changed my perspective on China and its place in the world for the past three years.

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  • Videos

    David Moser

    In this lecture at NYU Shanghai, author David Moser explains how the modern Chinese language came into being, the result of a patchwork of compromises based upon many thorny linguistic, historical and political factors

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